Ways To Bond With Your Baby Before Birth

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Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life, and they feel a bond with their baby before it is born. Below are some ways you can bond with them even more, and get to know them before they come out in the world.


Your baby is in water for the 9 months they are inside of you. You can get some idea of what this feels like by going swimming. This is a safe way for you to get some exercise also. Float on top of the water, and imagine how your baby feels floating inside of you.

No matter what month you are in your pregnancy, swimming can help give you some relief, because of the gentle support of the water.

There may be aquanatal classes in your area that will give you the perfect opportunity to be with other mothers to be, and you can bond with your babies together.


Taking some hypnobirthing classes can help you learn techniques you can use to focus more on your baby. It can also help you focus on your body as it is preparing for labor and birth.  

During your classes, you will be taught different relaxation techniques, which is a great time to connect with your baby. It is important, however, that you use only a trained hypnotherapist.

Keep a Picture of Your Baby Nearby

Most doctors will want a scan of your baby in the early stages of your pregnancy, and sometimes when you get close to the end. This is a great way to connect with your baby, as you can actually see them.

You can also arrange for a private 3D scan later in your pregnancy. There are mobile services that can come to your home to give you an ultrasound.

You can place a picture of your baby on your smartphone so you have it with you wherever you go, as well as a picture at home that you can put in a frame or simply hang on your refrigerator. Some ultrasounds will take a video of your baby, so you can see them moving around inside of you.

A 3D or 4D scan can show you a very clear image of your child. You will be able to tell the shape of their nose, their mouth, etc. Seeing this allows you to bond with your baby, as well as help the daddy to bond with it.

Bonding with your baby before your birth will help you bond even more with them. When the baby is placed in your arms at the hospital, or at home if you are having a home birth, it will feel like you already know them. For more help, contact a company like Wee Peek Prenatal Imaging wit your questions and concerns.